Southern-inspired Table Linens

As Southerners, we treasure our linens, passing them down through the generations. At Upriver Cotton Co., we’re transforming our region’s most iconic resource into fine table linens. Created to reflect the linen we love, our 100% cotton linens are designed with slub yarns to give the fabric a unique texture and also contain the leaves and stems of the cotton plant, literally bringing the field to your table.

Grown in northern Caddo Parish, Louisiana, our Mid-South cotton is ginned in Gilliam, Louisiana, where bales containing the highest quality fibers are selected for our linens.

We’re dedicated not only to using Southern cotton in our products but to supporting the Southern textile industry. That’s why our linens are made entirely in the South. After ginning, our cotton is spun into yarn in North Carolina, at a family-owned mill that has been in operation for generations.


The yarn is then sent to South Carolina, where it is woven into fabric by a company that has been in operation since 1901.

In Georgia, the fabric goes through the finishing process, where it is pre-shrunk by a family-owned textile business that opened its doors in 1920.

Grown and sewn in Louisiana, our fabric returns to the Bayou State where it is cut and sewn into table cloths, runners, napkins, and cocktail napkins in New Orleans. Our original, Southern-Inspired designs are then embroidered on our linens right here in Shreveport and prepared for your family's table.